Wandering with Wolves


[Alaskan Malamute model's own LOL]

Wandering. I love to wander. Recently I've also discovered the slightly faster wandering on buses. With my bus pass I can jump on and off any bus all day and see where we go.

When you are wandering I think it's important to feel loose and comfortable, warm and safe. Wanderer Warmers somehow manage to help enhance the wandering spirit by wrapping your wrists in cozy softness.

The yarn I used is called "Hug" and that says it all really. So who is the dog? Is that a dog? Or a bear or what is it? I hear you asking.

That's my 10 year old Alaskan Malamute. He is a big baby and we love him very much. He loves to wander, (on retractable leash of course) as is the way of huskies. He is an excellent wandering companion because he stops and sniffs a lot and doesn't spoil the quiet with talking.

Wanderer Warmers are knit in Scottish cable stitch so they are snug and flexible. Lovely stone and cloudy day colors.

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  1. Wonderful photos! And what a beautiful dog you have:) I love your items photos throughout your store! Very stylish!