yes .... the winner of the Inner Wild Cuffs giveaway (exclusive to subscribers of the wonderful, inspiring Essence of Wild newsletter - subscribe now if you haven't already) is Grace Mahoney of Helensburgh, Scotland.


Gosh I love winning things. Winning a giveaway is a tangible reminder of all the small miracles and random good opportunities and pleasant surprises that happen in life. How magical for me to be able to draw a winner's name in this Inner Wild / Essence of Wild giveaway.

I asked Grace what color she would prefer and she told me she was doing a lot of grey this winter. So I made her the Inner Wild Cuffs above.

Give yourself a wee treat just now by having a peep at Grace's beautiful kindnessabounds blipfoto album.

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  1. Fantastic giveaway, very beautiful gloves! Congrats Grace!:)