The confidence to clash


Clash patterns / Smash conventions. I love when people defy 'fashion' commentators and wear whatever patterns and colors they fancy, simultaneously.

As our beautiful English doyen of being-yourself, Ms Vivienne Westwood says, "wear whatever the fuck you like - no matter how many years you've had it, how ripped, faded or manky it is so long as you love it, wear it!"

When I was a teenager, avant garde though I thought I was, I would never have clashed patterns. Ew! Now I take great joy from it. I mean, real joy. It utterly thrills me to wear clothes that you'd think would fight each other. In some kind of cosmic conspiracy once on a body bold individual garments make peace to create a vibrant diversity.

I'm wondering if pattern clashing, whether on your body or in your home, is a statement of rebellious confidence. I always have more attitude when I'm wearing clashing patterns. Like I'm saying, 'yeah, I AM a contrary, contradictory kinda person'.

Pattern-clashing reflects a complicated outlook. Pattern-clashing is for individualists. Not forgetting forgetful, Sulphuric, academic-type men who do this effortlessly.

Perhaps the leap of wearing or creating pattern-clashes creates more confidence to be yourself. To stand out and be gloriously different. Or is it that you have to be confident to pattern-clash?

Make the world more beautiful, show yourself in what you wear.

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  1. So funny you quoted Vivienne Westwood....I just watched a documentary on her tonight!!!

  2. The good thing about being a mad artist is that you can wear as much colour as you like without feeling embarrassed. I wear more colourful outfits now than I did when I was younger.
    Vivienne Westwood is a great fashion designer and example of wearing what you want with pride! :-)

    Really good to meet you on twitter. I would like to add your blog to my creative blog list, if that's ok?
    All the best,
    Jo May.