it's 1960, knit yourself an outfit


Imagine knitting yourself an entire outfit - in fine 4 ply yarn, with fine needles - from groovy 'stockings' to cardi. OMG this would take a hundred years to knit by hand. Maybe it is a knitting machine pattern...

But your workmanship would be such that you could wander down 1960's Carnaby Street or do the twist at your local dance hall with your groove on and be the hippest cat 'cos you made it yourself. Vogue London would've wanted you in a fashion spread with Twiggy modeling, of course.

I love vintage patterns. I will take pics of some of my metalized silver and bronze ones from the 1930's and 40's later. Thank God we women like to keep things for posterity!

This pattern is available from fellow vintage knitting pattern appreciator, clutchinstructions on Etsy.

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  1. This is sooooo fab! I reminds me a bit of an amazing dress my mom knitted in the early 70s … it kept her busy for a while, but it was gorgeous … though I don't recall her wearing it much!

    (I wonder where it is ..?)