wild camping on the Isle of Coll, my childhood home



I spent all my childhood holidays on the Isle of Coll. As a baby in a tiny caravan in the Cornaigbeag sand dunes in the 1960's/70's, then a bigger caravan, then a traditional croft cottage, Tigh an Lochan at Struan, built on the ancient ruins of my ancestors croft house.

Heart songs.

1, 2, 3 Traighlavik Beach, Isle of Coll {windswept me in pic 3}
4 jellyfish on sand, Struan Beach, Isle of Coll
5 our wee New Zealand tent on Scottish machair, Struan Beach
6 the tide makes feathers in the sand
7 our 11-year old Alaskan Malamute discovers Scottish delicacies sundried seaweed and sundried jellyfish taste delicious
8 beachcombing in the 2010's - freighting plastic flotsam litter off the beach
9 Struan Beach, our wild camping home
10 Scottish thistle near our tent
11, 12 ruin at Sorasdal {when i was a child i often visited this thatched cottage and sat by the fire with the wonderful man who lived there, Mr Johnny MacInnes, (Johnny Glaic) and stared out that very window - you can see an article about him here with pics of the thatched croft as it once was}
13 my latest crush: my Trangia 25-2 stove in its natural element {thanks to @JonRlvins for his expert Trangia cooking tips and bannock recipe}
14 Struan Beach 
15 Highland cow, Breachacha, Isle of Coll
16 a Twite? If you can identify this pretty bird, let me know in the comments, I've already checked the RSPB site and can't find it {UPDATE: I asked Simon Wetlock, ex-RSPB Officer and now running Coll of the Wild wildlife holidays, tours and guided walks on Coll - check out his blog - and he solved the mystery: "the bird in question is a Meadow Pipit.
"They are very common on Coll but, and this is where we often have problems, they are of a different sub-species hebridensis to those on the Mainland." thank you Simon and yay for knowledgeable bird folk.}
17 the old pier, Arinagour village, Isle of Coll
18 Sea Otter tracks - perhaps the original Utterly Otterleys? {a lovely book by Mairi Hedderwick, Coll author and illustrator}

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  1. Oh, marvelous, Flora. Just my kind of surrounding. Have fun!!

  2. looks like a wonderful place to be. thank you for sharing your memories and your time there! Gorgeous images....