don't know why | treasury fragment


A fragment of Etsy treasury "Don't know why" by Blushing Mermaid

1. Seapowet March by 630photo
2. Storm Warmers by me, Inner Wild
3. Taming the Seabird by Deep Within the Armoir
4. Stoneware house by elukka

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  1. Bird cages are something that I may think about too much in art photos. I don't like the idea of a caged bird so I don't like the images of that. I have seen some interesting ones lately like .. a faerie in a cage which might be appropriate if it was a bad tricky faerie, a bird sitting on top of a cage which reminded me of Stockholm Syndrome and now I find this one with the little girl chasing birds with a cage in her hand. . I have to think about this one ..or I'll end up writing a book here. :)

  2. I like the cuffs you make! So cute.