Inner Wild knitting patterns now available on amazon


You might remember in this post from June last year I mentioned writing-up my patterns and making them available for other wildish knitters.

I really wanted to do it but have been dreading the tedium of typing 'sts' and 'yo' and 'C8B' for months. However, supported by my knitting kinfolk on Etsy constantly tickling me with little downy feathers of lovely email requests for my patterns {you know who you are, and thank you} I have this week started writing-up the patterns for the first six of my designs.

I am delighted to say it's all going sweetly now I've worked out a template.

Better than that, I'm thrilled to let you know you can buy my Inner Wild patterns on Kindle! {This means you can print them out or just use your iPhone, Android, iPad or whatever as you knit.}

It also allows me to avoid the bonkers new international VAT tax regulations on selling digital items because amazon sorts all that out for me (take note other indie knitwear designers).

The first patterns I'm releasing on pre-order are for Wanderer Warmers, Seafoam Warmers, Unfurled Bodice, Stag Antler Warmers, Hebridean Neck Cuff - and yes, to put Outlander knitting fans out of their unfair torment, {apologies for taking so long to get this, and the others to follow, to you}; Celtic Mitts.

I'll be writing-up and releasing many more patterns now I'm getting into the swing of it!

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  1. Oh I'm so excited!! Have a couple of your patterns on my wish list at amazon!!

  2. Susan you are an absolute darling! Thank you for your support, especially right this minute when I am positively cross-eyed typing up the patterns with a level of concentration and exactitude I never knew I had! The final versions must be uploaded to Kindle by 19 May to be ready for you and the rest of my wonderful knitting tribe on 29 May. So excited you've wish-listed them! x