free Inner Wild Winter Woollen Slippers knitting pattern


With baskets overflowing with all kinds of gorgeous Uist Wool skeins and fantastic company the workshop I led as part of Grimsay Week with Uist Wool was a very good time. One lady said it was the best Saturday morning she'd had for years. Sweet!

Skilled knitters {looking at you Matt} and eager newbies together made for a wonderful sharing and caring experience. And we made some snuggly woollens for our feet!

I'd put together a Woollen Slippers / Boot Socks / Adult Bootees knitting pattern so that everyone could quickly {thank you 5mm needles} make something practical and lovely no matter their skill level.

This pattern allows for great scope of stitches and techniques so you can individualise to your heart's content or just knit the basic pattern and end up with gorgeous slippers / boot socks. Using a pair of 5mm needles you just knit a rectangle, pick up 42 stitches and knit the top, these bootees are very satisfying and easy to make and are so comforting to slip on when its cold - I wear mine on top of cotton socks.

To get your free Inner Wild Winter Woollen Slippers pattern, just click here to print or download the PDF.

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