day dreaming about: a hand knitted linen blanket


I've been languishing happily in a stonewashed linen dreamscape for a few years now thanks to the gorgeous interiors blogs I follow. I adore natural textiles with wood and stone. Just looking at the photos makes me feel content.

What caught my eye in this serene reading nook was the blanket.

That pretty blush shade - and, wait, is it linen? A linen blanket?

Looking more closely, I don't think it is. However, a new dream is born! I like this idea of a linen blanket much, much more than the mega-chunky, arm-knitted, wool blankets that were in vogue, which I just didn't care for, I don't know why not.

I've made several foraging trips into yarn world over the past year looking for pure, raw linen yarns (I was thinking of knitting a few precious tea towels and face cloths). Linen and cotton mixes are readily available. And you can find linen and silk, presumably the silk makes the linen softer.  But raw linen, primitive and only lightly processed to maintain its inherent qualities is not that easy to find. {It's the same with wool, of course.}

I have, however, found this glorious pure linen yarn in a lovely grey shade. I would like to put this on my bamboo needles, maybe it's even good enough for my new Lykke circulars, oh yes:

For now, day dreaming about a pure linen blanket in a simple lace or open sort of stitch. Wondering if this might turn out like my grey chunky wool blanket in garter stitch phase which ended abruptly after three balls of Drops pure wool for no particular reason and is now a sort of rug thingy.

Reading nook image from Shelterness.

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