hello, meow, meet the beloved cats & dog of Inner Wild


Writing about faux fur yesterday got me thinking about real fur darlings featured in Inner Wild photos.

So I thought it'd be fun to curate a little collection of my cats and dog who've helped me model some Inner Wild pieces over the years.

Let me introduce you to ...

Twinkle Star:

Seen here as a kitten modelling Inner Wild Lovey Warmers with me. And below, a little older, modelling the Inner Wild Moonshine Cowl.

Minkie MyLove, her mama, looking gorgeous with Inner Wild Woodcutter Warmers:

Tom, bringing out the 'Firestar' gold of Inner Wild Stag Warmers:

Indi, who felt her own inner wildness was being impinged upon by modelling Inner Wild Sandy Bluff Warmers:

and the big fella, my Malamute Bubba, who just made everything in my world more magnificent, including Inner Wild Wanderer Warmers and Inner Wild Wolfkin Capelet:

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