houseplants wrapped in woollens for winter


I love these pot plant covers. I don't know why they are so pleasing to me. The contrast of rough natural wools against green leaves is beautiful.

I didn't set out to make knitted covers for my houseplants. I knitted myself a Hebridean wool slouch hat and as I finished it and was admiring the shape I realised my jasmine plant might look better in it than me.

You can make these easily yourself. Your houseplants will love them especially to protect their roots from cold temperatures through the winter.

You can wrap any pieces of wool you have, {unfinished projects!} around a plant pot and tie wool around it to secure.

Or you can use a beanie, slouch or hat knitting pattern, turn your knitted hat upside-down and put your favourite {medium-sized pot} plant in it.

Even if you don't knit, and if you do, you can also use the sleeves from an adult sweater, or the body of a small-size sweater from a thrift store.

Do you think Hans Blomquist and Emily Henson would approve?

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