which passion might Game of Thrones re-ignite in a knitter?


Yeah, that's right, faux fur yarns!

I've always loved faux fur yarns and have knitted lots of things from toys to sweaters using all kinds.

I guess I have wildling blood.

I'm not the only one - some Inner Wild dearhearts were ahead of the Game of Thrones style curve when they bought the Inner Wild Ortak CapeletGrowly Boot CuffsBear Bodice and Bear Mitts shown here years before the series.

So passion for faux fur yarns re-ignited once again - thank you Jon Snow et al for this and um, other things - I've got my 'saved search' activated on ebay for two favourite, discontinued luxury faux fur yarns ... Louisa Harding's Luzia - ah! - and Sirdar Foxy, gorgeous when knitted up in the more natural-coloured shades.

In the meantime, if you're just desperate for some faux fur mittens you could always buy a pair of Marni faux fur mittens from net-a-porter for £310 {not a typo} or $409. According to net-a-porter faux fur is huge for Fall/Winter 2017/18. For wild ones it's always huge.

* * *

Maybe you've already seen this feature on Harper's Bazaar from July this year, if not it's worth a look - The 45 Most Stunning Looks on Game of Thrones

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