Turning over an old leaf in the new year


It's wonderful to take something old and and breathe new life into it, especially when you're riding the sense of new possibilities that comes to us in January.

This old leaf pattern is an traditional stitch I've used on children's wear and been planning to use on mitts and mufflers for, well, let's see, several years. 

Now I see it used to startling effect by one of my favourite designers, Vivienne Westwood, on this vintage corset dress I spotted on ebay {see it here, with photo of Paula Yates wearing it in cream, 3 days until the auction closes, opening bid: £370 / US$502}. The leaf stitch is just stunning used as a sculptural element over the shoulders.
And now the front, complete with boned corset -
This also reminds me of a pair of crochet trousers I wore until they completely fell apart! We'll take this lovely old leaf stitch and make something new and fabulous with it this year, inspired by Ms Westwood.

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