behind-the-scenes ramble about the glorious, continuing Outlander effect


As many of you know, the Outlander costume department bought more than 60 different items from my Inner Wild Etsy shop just before and during filming Season One.

I don't know, maybe closer to a hundred ... the whole thing was a mad, whirlwind of a thrill since I loved the Outlander books and had read them years ago.

Choosing and ordering kilos and kilos of beautiful wools made me feel high! Knitting fingerless mitts, wraps, leg warmers, shrugs and capelets for Claire, Geilis, Jamie and the Clansmen was just such a rush!

At the time, 2015, I was about to start promoting my newly-designed Stories for My Dog book. Suddenly I was knitting up a storm instead, and loving it. {It's only now, early 2018, I'm back being Flora Kennedy of, as you can see by my mentioning it, as well as Flora Kennedy author of The Wild Folk - 'in the right place, at the right time'.}

Being Claire - or Geilis, Mrs Fitz, Jamie or a Clansman ...

I knew that some people would want to buy the exact same hand knits worn by the cast {I would myself}. And I felt beholden to knit for Outlander fans. But being just me knitting meant I was constantly on the back-foot. 

For a long while I was receiving hundreds of emails each day asking me which garments I'd knitted and sending pics from Outlander and asking did I knit this and that and what wool did I use and just answering these wonderful emails took up a lot of time, but it was also fun.

I know of several people who have ordered and reverse-engineered certain garments because they had to since I wasn't getting patterns out quickly and so on. Good on them!

... or full-on Outlander cosplay

There are still many items I have not gotten around to putting in my Etsy shop for Outlander fans to enjoy, because of my writing. I did not even connect the idea of 'cosplay' with my hand knits and Outlander. What a numptie!

The thing is that for me my Etsy shop is a sweet little haven of happy that allows me to knit for lovely people around the world, get pleasure from knitting for appreciative #knitworthy dearhearts. For me knitting is a meditative counterpoint to my calling as a writer and author. I am never not knitting. So I don't think of myself as a 'retailer' even while I have an Etsy shop.

I'm writing this now, today, because another completely beautiful woman has asked me for several Outlander garments. Can I say you are ALL so gorgeous?! Every single person who has contacted me about my knitting in Outlander has been truly an absolute joy to have met, so, so wonderful! What a gorgeous clan I'm proud to be a part of!

Anyhoo, even while I'm 50,000+ words into a first draft of my new novel, The Bone Root, at the minute, it's in my mind to go through my knitting journal and find additional garments for Outlander fans.

For example, I remembered a lovely pair of long gauntlets knitted in the same yarn as the Sassenach Capelet and Sassenach Sleeves which would have been ideal for those of you with Sassenach Capelets and less expensive than the Sleeves. 

I had a 'comprehensive guide' to Inner Wild garments featured in Outlander at some point on my blog but I don't know if it is still here. It wasn't very comprehensive anyway. And I just noticed the pics are failing on the 'featured in' page of so I'll re-upload them. So I shall put something together.

I must do this to help new Outlander fans figure out what's what. Sony Pictures put in a copyright infringement notice to Etsy on several items in my Etsy store, and fair play because I was using photos of my work from the series. However, as well as permanently "deactivating" those listings - Celtic Mitts, Sassenach Capelet, Otternish Gauntlets worn by Mrs Fitz etc - Etsy vaporized them out of my 'sales' so you can't see them there either.

I'll also do some posts about 'behind-the-scenes' things too. Or, at least that's my intention. Thank you beautiful dearheart Outlander fans for being so marvellous!


P.S. Since I put this new template on my blog you are all being shy about leaving comments, please feel free to put your tuppence worth in.

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