Something heartwarming, another kind of inner wild


I've noticed most Inner Wild dearhearts are animal lovers like me. So I wanted to share with you my excitement about my book of dog stories for people and dogs to read together, Stories for My Dogbeing published June 4.

That's me in the above photo reading to my Bubba Bear. You may recognise him from Inner Wild photos helping me model my hand knits including Wanderer Warmers, Wolfkin Capelet and pretending to be a big, good wolf in Riding Hood Cuffs.

If you have a dog or a friend who has a dog, (it's a sweet gift) please consider ordering a copy and leaving a review. I would be so appreciative.

Stories for My Dog is available now by pre-order and you can see more about it here:

I've knitted several custom pure wool and natural fibre dog blankies and dog coats for dearhearts and this has been a joy for me.  Stories for My Dog is the same love expressed through words instead of knitting.

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